The Forest of the Soul

Trees talk, they have their own language, they socialize so much that where there is one, another one grows, and another, and a few years later, if you let them be, there is a wood. After all, is there anything more fascinating than plants growing on ruins, rubble, abandoned places and becoming forest?

Irene Kung’s trees are communicative beings who have lived complex lives. In Irene Kung’s photographs they look like they went through a lot, just as an elderly human being.

From their trunk, their leaves, the insects that live on them and the animals, we perceive the narration of the heat, the cold, the droughts and the frost, the human beings who took care of them and those who tried to damage them..

Excerpt from “Quello che gli alberi vorrebbero dirci”, Camilla Baresani, IO Donna, 13 February 2016 translated