Civilization: The Way We Live Now is a major exhibition, featuring the work of 100 of the world’s finest photographers. It addresses and illuminates major aspects of our increasingly global 21st century civilization. It stresses the fact that contemporary civilization is an extremely complex collective enterprise. Never before in human history have so many people been so interconnected, and so dependent on one another. 
Taken as a whole, this exhibition takes stock of our civilization’s material and spiritual culture, ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and from civilization’s great collective achievements and its ruinous collective failings, expressing thoughts and feelings in the richly nuanced language of photography. And though it features photography of the real world, it embraces different ways of dealing with it, from the ‘straight’ document to the mise en scene.

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Irene Kung invites us to join her in a secret garden populated by 40 different marvelous and enchanted trees. Fascinated by their shape and their symbolic meaning, Irene Kung focuses her objective on Mother Nature’s creations and takes photos of old-growth and young plants, proving her great skill. Her magical photographs make nature seem almost supernatural. In silence, without a gust of wind, the forest dreamed of by Irene Kung is almost magically composed, image after image, page after page. It is a timeless forest, with many seasons, and different lights. A forest which knows no difference in species, which can afford to host pines and olive trees, palms and willows, fruit trees and evergreens. A garden of wonders – like one of the titles that the photographer herself came up with – or a forest of the soul, or even a fantastic catalogue dedicated to the beauty of the gifts that nature has to offer. Her lens is capable of transforming nature in a magical entity.

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9 Photographers for the Planet is a project that brings together nine photographers to draw a portrait of the world through the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the motto of Milan’s Expo 2015. It is a journey through the beauty and the issues related to food and the environment, promoting a more sustainable world.
9 Photographers for the Planet includes: Gianni Berengo Gardin with “Rice Landscapes,” Irene Kung with “The Garden of Wonders,” Joel Meyerowitz with “Bread of the World,” Martin Parr with “Oops . . . Chocolate!,” Sebastião Salgado with “Scent of a Dream,” Alessandra Sanguinetti with “Three Oceans, Stories of Islands,” Ferdinando Scianna with “Mediterranean, a Sea of Stories,” George Steinmetz with “Life in the Desert,” and Alex Webb with “The Spice Route.”

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Italy seen through the lenses of the greatest international photographers. Seven thematic areas that become a history of photography and of the evolution of its language.
Starting with the work of the undisputed maestro Henri Cartier-Bresson, the journey continues through the eyes of thirty international photographers

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“In her beautiful and mysterious photos, Irene Kung gives us a map of the city, the city of daylight transformed into the nocturnal city of dreams.
Monuments retain their identity and their geographical location, and yet in the process of leaving the earth to float upward into the unconscious, they shed the dry husks of culture and of purpose to become wondrous abstractions.
The city is there. It has always been there. Irene Kung’s photos remind us: We have only to close our eyes and fall asleep and wait for the dream in which it appears.” 

Francine Prose

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