Trees create life, oxygen, they are a protection against pollution, they are an essential part of the fight against climate change and they produce fruits! 
For me trees are much more than that.

I dreamed of a single tree on top of a hill. It stands alone like a lone giant. It endures and resists to thrive according to its own laws. Nothing is more impressive than a beautiful, lone and strong tree. It teaches us the fundamentals of life.

When you feel lonely or sad, hug a tree. It will teach you to stay still and to trust safely, eyes closed, fearless. This will show you that it is good to be as you are, nothing more.

1 September – 20 October 2023
Biennale Photoclimat
Parc Dupeyroux
19 rue des Mèches
94000 Créteil


Flora Imaginaria: The Flower in Contemporary Photography celebrates the beauty and biodiversity of flowers in 71 photographs by 49 internationally acclaimed artists. This spectacular bouquet of floral imagery will be on display in the Four Arts’ Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden, providing a unique experience with art in the context of nature.
Flowers have been a source of inspiration for photographers since the medium’s inception. Today, flower photography remains in full bloom as contemporary photographers continue the storied tradition of depicting floral motifs in novel ways. Flora Imaginaria features images shot over the last 30 years and is an ode to this historically important photographic subject. It explores the aesthetic and decorative qualities of flowers and their rich cultural history as symbols and motifs through many genres of photography, including still lifes, botanical studies, portraits, studies of the body, street photography, and surrealist collages.”

2 December 2023 – 28 April 2024
The Society of the Four Arts
Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden
100 Four Arts Plaza
Palm Beach, FL 33480