Rough, Tough and Mystic

Upon my arrival on ‘The Roof of the World’ I was immediately struck by the roughness of the landscape. In this environment, Tibetans have to endure heavy snowfalls, biting winds and they constantly live in thin air at altitudes of more than 4’000 m above sea level. They therefore lead a tough life in this inhospitable land.

The culture of Tibet appeared to me as distinctive as its high mountains and sacred lakes and has its roots in both. The terrain and its climate have helped shape the mystic culture that characterizes the plateau which is key to balance the toughness of the everyday life of Tibetans.

I have traveled to remote yet refined Monasteries set in scenic and secluded spots, far from the distractions of the bustling towns.

I have been touched by the strings of colored flags that are placed on most mountain passes, in the primitive forests, on the stupas and on the temples throughout my journey.  

When I visited the region, I felt immediately part of the experience, I have been captivated by the holy places and objects that seem to live and breathe, I have also endured the hardship and received all of the blessings along with the local pilgrims.