La Lettura

La Lettura // 14 November 2021 (ITA version)
Gianluigi Colin
(translated from Italian)

“Wherever you find happiness, that is your home” recalls a Tibetan proverb. Irene Kung (Bern, 1958) may have thought of these words when she shot her photographs in the sacred mountains of Tibet, in perched monasteries with monks in contemplation and while observing the movement of the flags in the wind as a symbol of positive energy. Her latest research will be exhibited from November 18th in Milan, at Alessia Paladini Gallery.
Irene Kung is an artist who, after a stint in painting, chose photography as the privileged medium of her work: not surprisingly the language of the Swiss artist goes well beyond the traditional photographic representation, and leaves room for a more pictorial vision, bordering a conceptual idea, where the images are enriched by a dreamlike vision carrying a subtle restlessness. Irene Kung is a sophisticated artist and her images lead us with visual power into a world where in a landscape (whether a forest, a mountain or a city) the whole experience of the gaze asserts itself, in a spiritual journey into the unconscious in search of the mystery of sight and therefore of existence.